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Mea the Artist

Mea'eshana PhoenixFire

Known simply as Mea or Meakitty to her friends, is an Adelaide based digital artist. Born in 1981 she's been drawing since she was able to hold her first crayon, and her means and methods have only grown and evolved with her. From chalk to paint to digital art, she's willing to explore all mediums and see what fantastic creations she can come up.

Schooled in art right up to year 12 in 2000, she then proceeded on to University where she studied for a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2004. Majoring in Digital Art and minoring in Ceramics, Print-making and painting though she also challenged herself to other subjects such as life drawing and computer technology for more than just artistic purposes.

Since 2001 she's been creating websites and graphic arts for her business, Weird Dreams Ink, so you'll notice a lot of her branding on her work. But all of it comes from the heart, though a lot of it comes purely from her imagination as well. Much of it is currently based on the "Manga" style of art, or the Animation style such as companies like Disney would create. Clean and simple in looks, but detailed in design, always as intricate and yet delecate and able to be appreciated by all ages and walks of life

Currently her primary passion is Anthropomorphic art; creating fantasy creatures with human characteristics. Some of this inspiration comes from her current involvement in the "Furry Fandom" where other like-minded people share her passion for animals and nature, as well as art in all it's forms. This can be seen in the mascots created specifically for her company, Weird Dreams Ink, in Semiramis. A multi-species Chaimera character representing diversity and cooperation, as well as showing the beauty in things most would consider a monstrosity. It can also be found in her Phoenix character, Aranti, who in herself represent beauty, imagination and power. All things that Mea holds dear, and tries to convey in most of her imagery.

Though not particularly interested in showcasing her art in a formal setting, Mea's always available to commission for either web design or graphic arts, character design, or illustrations. She can be contacted through her company Weird Dreams Ink: or via email: if you're interested in hiring her.