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Price Guide

Please note: These are all starting prices, your commission may include extras not seen on this quick view commissions price guide. For full price list please feel free to mock up an order and calculate a rough estimate from there. If there are any extras not listed there I am willing to negotiate with you when discussing your commission so just make a note of anything that you feel might take extra work or time to complete and we'll discuss a price before beginning.

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What I will draw

~ Ratings randing from General Viewing to Adult Only with only a few exceptions (see below "What I won't draw")

~ Anthropomorphic animals of any species

~ Humans of any race or gender (Not a strong point, but I will try my best and take all constructive criticism into account to adjust the image as necessary)

~ Imaginary and Mythical Races: This is something that I absolutely LOVE drawing; Dragons, Elves, Orcs, Trolls... I'm actually a D&D Nerd and love creating fantasy characters

~ Tattoo designs are a possibility, they start at $50 and depend upon complexity and time spent on the design. These are negotable, please don't hesitate to send an email to if interested with a short description of what you're after and we can negotiate.

~ Web Graphics; Banners, backgrounds, buttons, logos, footer images, header images... you name it. However, this is done through Weird Dreams Ink so please feel free to visit and inquire over there.

What I won't draw

~ Anything Illegal, including but not limited to "Cub"/Underage characters in Adult Situations, "Snuff",

~ Vore, Scat, Watersports, Excretion are something I will not do, flat out.

~ Limited scenes of Gore may be considered but do not expect me to accept automatically.

~ Robots and Cars; I'm not good with Mecha of any sort, it's really not a strong point, you won't like what I come up with. Best just to save yourself the trouble. If it's a tiny part of the image, such as Guns and weapons, I will endevour to do my best to make it clear what the prop is, but I'm not willing to ruin a commission by screwing up detail mechanical props and backgrounds.

~Anything with Cannon Characters that belong to any copyright franchise; neither the Artist or the potential Client have the right to their use, so they cannot and will not be used. Simple as that.

~ Fandom Characters in Fandom Styles; I am my own artist, I will draw OC characters in my own style reminiscent of the fandom they belong to, but I will not limit my artistic expression to a particular style that is not my own to use.

Payments and plans

All prices are in AUSTRALIAN Dollars, if you are intending to pay via a different currency please make sure that the current conversion rates will cover the price of the commission you are ordering. Payments are now done through invoices (as at January 1st, 2013), and I only accept PAYPAL. If you payment will come via PayPal as an e-Cheque please notify me BEFORE paying, as it will delay your commission until the payment has been fully recieved and is in my account.

Payments can be done one of two ways; Upfront Commission or Ladder Art

Upfront Commissions: Are generally done for larger comissions of FLAT COLOR and above. The Client pays 50% of the final price upon commissioning me, and the Artist will complete up to the flat coloring stage, giving you plenty of WIPs to ensure that your character and the pose will turn out for you. Up to this point you can provide feed back and we'll make changes as necessary, please . Once the flat color is complete and satisfactory to both Artist and Client the other 50% of the commission price needs to be paid before shading work and detailing will be completed.

Ladder Art: is where the Client pays for each step of the process along the way. For example a full complex color commission deposit is paid of $20 and the sketch is done. The next stage, ie Inking, will not be done until the difference (ie. Sketch -> Ink = $10) is recieved. The inking stage will then be completed and the flats will not be started until the next payment is recieved. Doing commissions this way you are shown each step along the way, and are free to cancel at any time by contacting the Artist and thus no further payments need not be made.

Commission Process

After commission information has been recieved and payment has been processed you will be placed onto the Commissions Queue. Due to the way I work with time scheduling and real-life commitments, inspiration may not necessarily be immediately forthcoming. I try my utmost to get to a sketch straight away and at least hammer something out, but there are occassions where that may not happen the day that you commission me. Please allow me at least 2 weeks to come up with something that I feel is suitable to the description you have given. If, for any reason, I struggle with it in any way I will be sure to let you know within those 2 weeks.

One the sketch has been done I will send you an email to your nominated address with the sketch attached for your approval. What you need to look for is over-all pose/s; making sure I have included the right number of limbs/wings/tails/horns/etc. I will do my utmost to accomodate any changeds IF they are reasonable and I will send you a secondary sketch for your approval. You have 3 of these at the sketch stage, by then I should have a reasonable outline of what your commission will look like, and the image should be suitable for inking.

When we're both happy with how sketch looks I will ink it; this generally comes in 3 stages. Firstly is a thin outline that basically neatens up the sketchy lines and gives you a clean version to look over. After this I can make a few adjustments to the outlines of the image and will send you a second copy for approval. Lastly definition lines are added and final adjustments are made. You will be able to make adjustments one last time, but if there are any further changes that weren't pointed out by this stage you run the risk of being charged an extra fee of $5 for every revisal I need to make after this stage.

Flat colors are used to define the basis of each part of the image, and you will be sent a copy of this for approval. Please note that if you purchased a shaded image you will recieve blacks in a dark grey color, and whites in an off-white color. Please see the FAQ 2 & 3 as to why this is. You're allowed to make color changes to other parts of the image if you need to. Again, if you require too more changes after this you will be charged a $5 fee for ever revisal made.

Shading and detailing don't generally require any changes, once the base colors are in place it's just a matter of lighting it up and giving it depth. Likewise detailing is the last thing on the list and by this point everything should be set and approved. Once the final sketch has been sent to you for approval you have one chance to detail any changes that may be neccessary to finalise the image.

You're welcome to request an un-watermarked version for personal use only, you will receive a full sized version and a "FurAffinity" sized version that you are welcome to upload to your own account as long as you give credit to me as the artist and link back to my account. I have a Furaffinity, Deviantart, Weasyl, and InkBunny account. You're also welcome to post a link to this site (


Refunds are, unfortunately, a distinct possiblity, sometimes art does not work out as planned. However, the artist will resolve most problems given time, but if you cannot wait or you do not think the problem can be resolved, AFTER talking to the artist you can ask for a refund to be issued and the remaining art to be canceled.

The artist reserves the right to retain 50% of sketched and inked commissions, once a refund is mutually agreed upon. This means that if you have paid for a full color image ($60 value) and the artist has completed the sketch, you are only entitled to a $50 refund (artist retains $10, which is half the sketch stage price $20). If the image is inked and a refund is agreed upon, the artist retains $15.

If cancelled at the flat color or the anime/cell shading stage the artist will retain 75% of the commission price and refund the rest. If the image has been fully shaded and a refund has been mutally agreed upon, the amount retained by the artist will be 80%. If the image has been detailed and a refund is agreed upon, the amount retained by the artist will be 90%.

This is because flat colored images and above will have gone through 3 stages of client approval, therefore there should be no need for this, but as an artist who has put the time and effort to work on it to that point the artist takes no responsibility for errors she should have been notified of earlier. I really do not foresee this ever being an issue, however, as I do my best to cater to any changes needed early on so as to avoid this.

Artist's Rights

The artist has the right to refuse a client or a commission without explanation, if money has been paid for said commission refunds will be offered (see above).

The artist retains all copyright to the work produced from a commission, and while a non-watermarked version may be offered it is to be used for personal use only. All other work, especially that posted by either the artist or the client, needs to remain watermarked when posted; do not crop or manipulate your image in any way without permission from the artist please.

As per above the artist retains the right to post any Work In Progress versions anywhere, and to sell or utilise the final verion in any way. This includes posting, printing, selling, or using it in any portfolios online or offline. If you wish to use the work for your own monetary efforts (including posting printing, or selling) the artist needs to give permission and a negotiable percentage of any profits gained need to paid to the artist for using the work.

Any works that do not meet the client's needs, including incorrect poses, remain the artist's property and the artist is allowed to use them in further works or projects. All images will be modified so as not to resembe the client's character in any way, but the client has no rights to alter the unfinished product for their own uses.

Client's Rights

The client has the right to cancel a commission for any reason or purpose, and to ask for a refund without explanation provided the artist retains remunirations for any and all work already put into the commission requested (see above).

The client has the right to ask for changes and to offer feedback on the progress of their commission at every step (see process above). The client needs to be aware that any "pestering" or spamming of the artist's communication lines carries a fee for 'harrassment' that can/will cut into the later stages of their artwork. Work will be halted when the initial fee has run out, and the client will be asked to pay more in order to get their artwork progressing again. The artist does not see this as a problem, most clients are very good at sticking to the rules and not harassing the artist, but be aware that the option remains for the artist to charge that fee, particularly if she feels that the client is crossing the line of politeness as set out in the commission process.

The client has the right to post the final artwork, though not any work in progress stages recieved, as long as the artist is given credit in the description and the watermark remains completely intact. Removing the watermark and/or posting without credit to the artist gives the artist the right to take further action in getting the work removed from the site it was posted to with no responsibility taken for any 'backlash' that may cause to the client.

The client may request that a smaller version of the final product be manipulated into an icon, banner, signature image, etc provided that there will be credit given to the artist wherever it is posted. If this means that the watermark of the artist will be cropped out you may request a manipulation of the artwork from the artist directly. For a small $5 fee per image the artist will be quite happy to edit the image and adjust the watermark so that it's present in the final newly sized imaged. This really isn't a problem and the artist would prefer this to the client cropping it and removing the watermark.

The client has the right to ask that the commission in part or in it's entirety be kept private and not be posted anywhere. This is perfectly understandable in the case of NSFW art or private art being used as a gift for another or a significant other. If the final product is somehting the artist may be able to sell or use in a portfolio, there may be a small fee for loss of income, and/or a request that artist be allowed to manipulate the image into something more publically usable with all traces of the original characters being removed. The artist will endevour to ask the permission of the client if doing so, but may deem it not necessary if the work is not being publically posted and characters change to be unrecognizable as those of the client's.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I've ordered my image and paid the invoice via PayPal, what happens next?
Please see Commissions Process for further information on what happens now.

2. My character/outfit is black but in the flat color stage why have you have made it grey?
This is done because black is a hard color to actually shade. If you've ordered a shaded image any subsequent layers will darken the color into the black spectrum, the grey then becomes the highlight and lighter grey is generally used to add texture.

3. My character/outfit is white, but in the flat color stage why have you used an off-white?
Just like with black, white is a problem to shade, the best way around this is to use an off-white as the base color, then using pure white as a highlight, with a light grey for shadows and texture depending on the mood lighting of the image.

4. Will you livestream my commission as it's being made?
The artist actually has a "day job" that means she remains away from her home computer (and thus the ability to livestream much of her work) and cannot promise this. The Artist does, however, conduct a livestream session on a regular basis through Sketchfest; a monthly livestream event that runs from Friday night to Monday night (Australian Central Time) whereby cheap and quick sketches, and occassional requests, are taken and streamed while they are being drawn. This runs on an entirely separate system (including paypal account) and thus if you really wish to ensure your commission is livestreamed you should enquire there. Otherwise the chances of your commission being livestreamed are slim and depndant upon lulls in work during a Sketchfest stream. This is not a service that is offered privately for any reason.

5. Can I get a request/freebie?
You're welcome to ask but the chances of the artist accepting a request is subject to available time and funds. Primarily the reasoning behind offering a fee for commissions is to save money to help gain an Australian Marriage Visa for the artist and her Fiance and secondarily to suppliment the lack of income to help pay for living costs, thus paying for your art makes it a priority to the Artist. If the commissions queue (see front page) is free and the artist has not other priority work, you are welcome to ask but the Artist may refuse.


~ For website issues contact Administration of either PhoenixFireArt or Weird Dreams Ink

~ For questions or information on art email PFA Inquiries

~ For orders please see the orders page

MeaKitty can also be contacted via Twitter: @MeaKitty for a more instantaneous response to short/quick questions